Weekend Update

Well i thought i would post whats been going on lately i spent friday night various bars with Vman, Cybermonkey and others. (Pictures soon to come). Once i got up Saturday i started playing EverQuest. If you have never played or don’t know what that is its a very addicting online RPG. I didn’t stop play till late Sunday afternoon. Just todo a few things that couldn’t be put off any longer. Then i got back on for “just a few more minutes”. Its amazing how addictive this game is. So Monday comes. What a fucked up day. My truck tire blew out on the way to work. I didn’t have the correct socket to get the tire off, had to find that,etc. , etc. , new tire, etc… Long story short got home about 2:30. Decided it would be best just to work from home the rest of the day rather than try the trek again. So I did some work then later played a little EQ. Which brings us to now. And a list of misc news:

Napters Stuff:
Napster Backlash Has Begun
Napster May Not Matter Anymore

Beer Stuff:
Science + suds = Beer geeks
Hang around computer professionals long enough and you’ll notice they like beer an awful lot.
I think they are correct 🙂
Speaking of beer , did ya see the X-Files Sunday night? At the end they poped open a couple of Shiner Bocks. (My Favorite Brew)

Space Stuff:
Securing space for the military
Got that link from CrazyGirl.