What a week

Its just been on of those weeks and now its over. I started the week off by redoing my work box. I was sick and tired of windows crashing all the time. I only need to run a database server and a client app on windows. So i got out fdisk and my RedHat CD and fixed it. Ahh… so much better. And for those pesky windows apps i loaded up VMware and only loaded the database server and the 2 apps i needed. Everything else i can run under Linux and with Star Office all my MS Office stuff is still good. So i spent a day updating all the software, tweaking Enlightenment to my satisfaction, configuring Samba and writting a
few shell scripts to make things better. Now its all tweaked out and life is good. So when windows crashes (it will even under the great VMware software) I
can read my mail and surf until it gets rebooted. Now so much stress has melted away , well maybe the beer at Chili’s helped. Anyway things are almost back to normal. I still have alot of contract work to get to this weekend and a concert but its all good.