Life Update

Life is finally getting back to normal now. I realize that deadlines are made to be
broken but the projects move on 🙂 I spent the day at the Lotus Notes Super Human Software Tour. I found out a few things about web development under the Notes Designer that i did not know. So over all it was a good day. Then i’ve been doing hardware stuff all evening. I first fixed a box and installed Win98 for a friend. Next my better half’s computer broke. Looks the the mother board finally bit the dust, it was old, its only a email station for her no big deal. Now i have a reason to get a new duron and board to play with 🙂 Next up on the hard ware list are a couple of IBM thin clients i got in a auction. I hooked them up and they weren’t working, roaming around on IBM’s sit i found the manuals, and found out the ram was missing. So i added that and they booted. Now i just need to install something with a thin client server like Citrix or Win2K terminal server. More hardware needed, but not tonight. Next up an old p100 i found. Its working so i go through the stack of hard drives and find a nice one. Now i’m building a BSD box and watching Battle Bots (ripping it to mpg of course). Back to work!