Weekend Update

Well what a busy weekend I had. I rebuilt my better halfs computer, added a new board and a 600mhz Duron chip. Now she can really check that email ;). I added a 30+ gig Ultra 100 7200 RPM HD to my box. I fixed 2 boxes for some
friends. Thats it for the hardware. On the software side. I installed OpenBSD on a box again, so i could get a little more comfy with how it all goes together. I cleaned up my game box and installed Win2K on it with just a few minor problems, but i got them all worked out. I moved all my video capture equipment to one of my notebooks that was not getting used for much. Then I started cataloging my CD collection. Wow its a bigger job than expected, i’m still not done. I picked up the book Heavy Weather, some how i’ve never read it, and the new issues of Linux Journal and Linux Magazine. It was a very busy day Sunday. Now on with the week!