Weekend Update

This is one of the most frustrating weekends that I’ve had in a long time. It all started Saturday morning, it was raining and nasty outside, and i had this huge list of things to be done. Oil changes, new tires, storage building etc. First stop the tire store, 1 tire for the mustang $300. Damn. Next stop renew storage
building lease. $400. Damn. Oil change , only $30. I’m going home now no more spending today. So I’m setting there on my Win2k box surfing along and tweaking things, i had just installed SyGate Office network sharing on it and had NAT up and running. Then IE starts acting weird, randomly opening windows, opening things in the wrong windows, etc. So a few reboots fixed that. Everything is working once again, although i still miss the fact that I can’t do video capture or use my CDR under it. Sunday comes and i decided i was
going to by a Sony Digital Video recorder that uses TiVo service. So i find an online place that has it and get it into my shopping cart and crash its gone. Damn. Then i get the great idea that i can just build my own i have everything but a TV Tuner card. Off to the store i go. Then i get back and it doesn’t work under Win2K, although its supposed to, but it mem dumps every time i try to use it. Fuck this, off with Win2k, on with Win98 again. Now it gets even more fucked up, because it won’t even let me install it under Win98. I’m starting to get pissed off now after wasting my Sunday its about 10:30 at night now. So i left every thing as is and I started thinking about putting linux on that box. I looked up info on the TV card, supported, Sound Blaster Live, supported, Prophet DDR, supported. Looks like I’m good to go. So once i get done backing things up tonight I’m putting linux on it. But the PCI modem was not supported, and its a PCI only board. No problem I’ve been wanting to setup a linux router anyway. So I got the .img and loaded up an old 100mhz box , booted it and it didn’t recognize the damn network card. So i tried 3 different ones that i had around and no luck. Today I’ll be picking up a new one, and get that going. What a frustrating weekend.