Good Advice from Kevin

I”m sure that we know most of this, we just forget we know it.

“Along the way, I was re-aquainted with a few things. 1) ALWAYS do a full backup at least 48 hours BEFORE a migration is to occur. This commits all of the transaction logs and removes the worry of running out of disk space on your log drive. 2) Do ALL migrations locally — do not try to push data over a T1 connection with a conversion/migration utility. Lotus Notes handles replication extremely well, let it push the data if needed. 3) Make sure that if you’re working within a team environment, that EVERYONE has a complete understanding of the environment that you’re working in, and that there is a full-fledged project plan in place. Too many people retained knowledge about this project in their heads only and didn’t share until the shit hit the fan. 4) Communicate, communicate, communicate. With each other, management, and especially the Users.” [ more at Kevin’s Stuff]

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