Morning Tech Bits

Michael points to phpMyInventory, an opensource inventory package. From the description it seem good, I’ll be interesting to see how it works out for him. We really need to impliment something like that around here. I keep up with PC’s by serial number but thats it, not monitors or printers or other misc stuff that should really be tracked.

Pete has the W3C’s Validator running on OSX. I should really add that to my todo list for home computing as well.

One thought on “Morning Tech Bits”

  1. Josh,

    It’s worth it. I actually bought the commercial version too… $350 for 200 systems. There’s a client side component that can be centrally deployed and will capture almost EVERYTHING that is on a PC including software… That’s the main reason I bought the commercial one…

    I’ve started to roll it out and it’s going to ease a lot of pain in tracking ‘stuff’. For you it would be good cause there’s also a location identifier that would help out for your multiple locations…


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