Kevin asks What do you do for backups? Well here is how we do it.

The bulk of all our data is backed up on the AS400 at corporate, this is all main database system and Lotus Notes data, I play no part in that. Here at this division we use BackupExec 8.6 on Windows 2000. We have a Seagate STT20000A drive that does 20gigs a tape. This is really an entry level setup that I put in place a couple of years ago, and needs to be upgraded to include another drive. I’m using the remote agents on some Win98 machines, Win2k machines, and on the Linux Servers. I also have some local drive space setup to backup 2 for laptops during the day.

The backups run every night except Saturday and Sunday. I keep 3 weeks of full backups and 1 week of nightly backups at a time, this is growing as a a more tapes to the rotation. So far it has saved several people lots of work. I usually only have todo 1 restore ever 3 or 4 months. Its no autoloader so it relies on me changing the tape every morning. Nightly backup only require one tape at the moment, but full backups require 2.