Consumed: Comics

Manic 1 – Image
“Written & illustrated by MICHAEL LINDOW Cover by MICHAEL LINDOW B&W 32 pgs. $2.95 One-shot On sale X FEBRUARY, 2004 THE CONCEPT: In Tokyo, Andi worked as a computer technician in Electric City, where cerebral enhancers were the latest rage in computer technology. With the Metro population pushing 14 million, his existence had no purpose… or so he thought. THIS ISSUE: Twenty-five years ago, light years from Earth, the oppressive Teijai exterminated the Sentorion alliance. Now the next generation, reborn on Earth, is coming of age. With the help of Eriko, a gifted friend, Andi begins to piece together his true identity. As the new Sentorian army rises, Teijai hunters are sent to Earth. Posing as authorities, they are ordered to track down and kill all remnants of the Sentorions.”
Great book, great story, great art, looking forward to more.
Patient Zero 1 – Image
“Written by JOHN MCLEAN-FOREMAN Art by BRENT WHITE FC 32 pgs. $2.95 Monthly ongoing series On sale 24 MARCH, 2004 THE CONCEPT: As humanity spirals towards global war, Alex Grant and a handful of other imperfectly mutated psychics must battle against the true instigator: an AI that is viciously conquering the human race, one mind at a time. THIS ISSUE: “Eternity’s Past,” Part One—Alex Grant thought that surrendering his freedom to a covert genetics facility would take him away from his problems, but when the facility is invaded by an unknown military force and his only ally lies dying in his arms, Alex must find a way to save them both.”
Interesting artwork, looks like it was done very well on on a computer, but I’m not sure. This story really is getting of the ground drawing you in, I will have to get the next issue to see how it goes.