Comics Consumed

Nodwick 24 – Dorkstorm Press
” Aaron Williams Nodwick and company go on a sea monster hunt! Some horned helmeted people have hired them to stop this plague upon their seafaring, but are the heroes up to the challenge? Do henchmen make good sea serpent bait? Will they need a bigger boat?”
I just love this book simple goodness.
Wynonna Earp Home on the Strange 3 – IDW Publishing
“by Beau Smith, Carlos Ferreira, & Silvio Spotti Things look to come full circle for Wynonna Earp… with a pentagram in the middle of it! The Earp and Clanton factions return to Tombstone, the original scene of the crime, for a final showdown of paranormal proportions. In the action-packed climax, Wynonna must face her ancestor’s worst enemies and their 122-year-old grudge. 32pg (3 of 3) ”
Very cool combines old west and scifi very well. I’m picking up the first 2 on my next order.