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I’ve been in deep Organizing/Cleaning/Planning mode for the last few weeks. I’m sure that part of it is being brought on by the fact that Camille and I will be parents in a few more weeks (man that sounds weird, me a parent) and also since our house is now ours, we can do what we want with it as far as organization goes.

Deep organization on the powerbook. I’ve been going through all the stuff i dump in the NEW folder. Some of its audio that goes into iTunes, the docs go into DEVONthink. And i give the various bits of software a try before i keep or toss. I started slowly moving photos from iPhoto to iView Media Pro (the trial, will have to purchase soon). Working in small groups I move them over and overly catagorize and tag them. I’ve then been moving them from the local hard drive to the firewire drive, as I’m running low on space. I hope to continue doing 100-200 a night until I’m done. I’ve been moving a few albums over from the network share into iTunes also. Lots of tag cleanup involved, so just a few every night. Lastly I’ve been sorting and working with the docs in DEVONthink, I can find just about anything now. I’ve also been organizing stuff on the Win2K box many media files and its coming together. A digital spring cleaning.

On the home front, lots of things have been going on. I’ve developed a master cleaning plan in Bonsai on my palm. Its got daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tasks in it. So far I’ve been staying with it, and must say that the house is staying very clean these days. I’ve even gone so far as to schedule the tasks in my calendar so I make sure I do them, I know your starting to think I’m nuts.

Something else I’ve been trying for the last 2 weeks is a weekly menu. Sunday afternoons I plan out all the meals for the week, with Camille’s input of course. Then I gather all the recipes and make a list in SplashShopper and head to the store. Its really worked out great. I’ve managed to freeze about 10 meals along the way, so when Camille is home with the baby, she want have todo anything but thaw something out and heat it up.

I’ve been spending some time on the weekends working on on things in the house. Our kitchen is perfect for us, I know where. everything is. When I unpacked all the kitchen stuff, I left several things in boxes. So only 1 item has been missed so that show we had junk we didn’t need. I have one small item to finish this weekend in one of the drawers. Of course we have some grander plans for some appliance replacement, but that can wait a few months. The next target area is the pantry, it needs a few things removed and organized better.

We’ve spent a bit of time getting the laundry room organized as well. New shelves laundry bins, wall hangers that sort of things. It turned out really well and seems room and uncluttered.

The dinning room and living room are open and there isn’t much to organize. The next focus will be to get a narrow entrance way table made to match the other tables and to decorate more, its pretty bare at the moment.

The office is sitting there with some of the old stuff in it. Its sorta clean sorta messy. My big plan is to build in some work areas and book shelves this summer.

The master bed room needs some more work, I’ve got to finish fixing the floor ASAP. That’s really the room that needs the most work before the baby gets here. That’s my priority for the weekend.

I’ve been doing similar things at work. Thanks to my palm work and home are synced. I’ve been making much use of my tools to stay organized. At work: Lotus Notes (email, todo, calendar, memos, address book), DayNotez, Bonsai, FireFox. At home:, iCal, iSync,iTunes,iView Media, DEVONthink, iMemo, OmniOuliner, Safari, SplashSuite and NetNewsWire. On the Palm: DayNotez, Bonsai, ToDo, DateBook, Memo, SplashSuite. I’m sure there is more, thats one heck of a brain dump there if I had a wireless link to my brain I would blog more 🙂 . Back to work.

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  1. You do realize all this planning will go completely out the window once you are parents.

    You will no longer be in charge of anything, but will be captive slaves to a tiny little life that you created.

    Nothing could be more enjoyable though… 😉


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