MacAddict – May 2004

Sub $100 Photo Printer – Epson Stylus Photo R200 – Not that I need another printer, but the direct to disc printing is what I want. Do they may a small disc printer? hmm..

Unlock iLife – Lots of good tips. iPhoto 4 – you can save a book as PDF instead of having it printed. Sharing photo albums across the network. This was good to know, i tried it last night. iMovie 4 – You can add bookmarks in a movie. There is a good how to remove unwnted sound, but you need the $99 Soundsoap (scanning article in). GeeThrees blue-screen plugin for iMovie looks cool. How to Correct Colors (scanning in). How to Add a commentary track (scanning in).

Review: IntelliScanner Collector – Something I want!
3 out of 5 stars
Summary: Good News: Quickest, funnest way to catalog your home library – if your into that.
Bad news – Software has limitations – sometimes can’t identify a product, sometimes freezes.

Review: Route USA 2004
1 out of 5. wow i haven’t had that much problem with mine, still about the best choice for OSX at them moment.