Weekend Update

Another great weekend on the mound. Let me see if I can document a summary for you. Friday night Camille and I stayed home and enjoyed a meal (Bacon and Avocado Sandwiches) and a movie (Signs). Before the move could start we did have to make a candy run to have a proper movie watching environment.

Saturday, mostly home improvement stuff, lots of it. Saturday day night we went to Simply Fondue in Flower Mound with some friends P&K and had a great time. After that we came back to our place for coffee and hung out late.

Sunday, more home improvement. I finally fixed the floor (best I could) and started getting the quarter round down. I also delivered the couch, chair and tables that we sold a friend. We had some great burger’s with our friends J&J and headed back home.

It seemed like it went by so fast.

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