Palm Zire 72 – First Few hours

I’ve only spent a few hourse with my Zire 72. Part of last night just getting it in sync with my powerbook and part of the morning getting it in sync with my work laptop. Here are a few of my thoughts. Its nice looking, seems very fast over my m505. I don’t like the fact it doesn’t have an attached flip cover of some sort. I did come with a case, but I tend to stick it in my pants pocket or shirt pocket, with out some screen protectors its gonna get all scratched up. I’m not very impressed with having to have a sperate power and hotsync cable. Its USB, why can that be the power and they sync cable, come on Palm third party developers have made these cables for years for the other models. Nobody wants to travel with a wall wart, I guess “consumers” don’t travel. I also miss the cradle at work. That’s not really much to complain about I guess. Having a 1.2 mega pixel camera is nice, but I haven’t used it much yet. It does video as well, but you need to put in a SD card for that. The voice memo feature is nice. I haven’t played back any music on it yet. So far so good, I’ll have a good idea about battery life soon, I fully charged it last night and want to see how many days I can go.

3 thoughts on “Palm Zire 72 – First Few hours”

  1. The audio recorder feature on PDAs is very handy but often the recording button is in a bad place. My dad made many a lovely recording of road noise, radio play and cell phone calls because he accidentally started the recorder when removing the device from its “holster.” The big problem came when he tried to hotsync – of course his nerdy, err handy, SIL was able to get each of the 3-10 mg messages off the PDA.


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