Zire 72 – 24 Hours Later

Day Log

So I’ve been using the 72 for a little over 24 hours now. It put in a full days work yesterday and only used about half of its battery, this included playing with the camera and bluetooth stuff a lot.

Even with the minor issues that I mentioned yesterday, mainly design issues. I love this thing. The screen is awesome and the speed is to. There is so much difference between the m505 and this one. Its a keeper for sure. I spend some time yesterday tweaking it out with my programs and such and now its working for me full time :).

I did manage to find a screen protector and a usb charger/sync cord for travel. I wasn’t worried as much about syncing on travel as much as I am about charging, a dead PDA doesn’t do anyone any good. I also set it up where I can connect to my powerbook via bluetooth to surf the web, so now at home as long as I’m in range I can do email and surf from the couch. Cool stuff.

5 thoughts on “Zire 72 – 24 Hours Later”

  1. “a dead PDA doesn’t do anyone any good” – then go by my office and get my charger!!


  2. How’s the syncing? Over bluetooth to your PowerBook working okay? Been a little wary about getting another Palm since they announced that they were dropping support for Apple.


  3. Camille: Not a bad idea, do you think somebody will be there at 6:30 tomorrow?

    l.m.: its just fine not problems. Seems to love my powerbook. Palm did come back a few days after that announcement and changed there story. The CD shipped with the latest desktop at the time, plus all the extra stuff in mac and windows format. Even docs 2 go. Also of note is that this thing syncs so much faster than my m505 for on the powerbook (and my windows work laptop).


  4. Dang! I thought I could buy it for $10! Tell C that I have to drop off RoughRiders ticktets in Addison if she wants me to pick up her charger.


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