NT 4 Revisited

ITs been a while since I’ve had to reinstall NT4. We currently have a handfull of machine that are scheduled to be replaced/upgraded in July. Of course one of them would crash today, and by crash I mean the nice metal to metal sound in the hard drive.

So I stick in there a 80gig drive. Whoops NT4 doesn’t like that big ole thing. I think CD that comes with the drive will fix that but it needs the latest Service pack loaded to install it. So I pull up the stock IE install goe to microsofts site, and “Your browser doen’t work wit h this”. Now, I know I should have had a copy on the network, but thats my fault for deleting it long ago. Anyway so I fire up the IE6 install and “You need the latest Service Pack to install this”. Lots of tail chasing. Luckily FireFox solves this problem. Way to make it easy M$.