Bonsai and DayNotez

After upgrading to the latest version of Bonsai and reading the change notes and help. There are some new features that I’m really liking. First up is a new program for the palm and desktop (windows only) called Back2Bonsai. What this does is on the palm is better to-do integration. When you link from the outline to a to-do or other item, you can instantly see where it came form in the to-do view. If your a Bonsai user, you’ll under stand how nice this is for keeping things in your to-do list linked backed to your master outline.

You can now import OPML into Bonsai. This means that a Outline that I created on in OminiOutliner on my mac can now be imported into Bonsai on my windows laptop. If you want OPML export, you still need to use this template, and it works fine in the latest version.

On DayNotez, this isn’t new, but it is to me. Now that I have a voice recorder on my palm, I can put a voice memo in a DayNotez entry, very cool.