Technology Let Me Down

Have you ever felt like technology has let you down? I have for several days now. It all started on Friday, when I did my first hot-sync of the morning. I did a hotsync with my Zire72 and Lotus Notes. I noticed a message that said something like 15,000 records, but didn’t think much of it. After I looked at my calendar, I discovered the problem. Several of my events and appointments were entered a few dozen to a few thousand times extra. This took me several hours to sort out, cutting into my productivity, remember the whole point of all this tech is to make me more productive, not less.

Friday night I get home and discover that I have the same problems in iCal, that took , much , much longer to sort out. I couldn’t figure how to delete more than 30 events at a time, so you figure out how removing 14000 extra records cut into my productivity again. I’m sure there must have been a way to force palm to Over right the desktop, but I guess I didn’t think about that.

Next up I noticed Friday on my T68 phone that several duplicates were in the address book. So I removed them from AddressBook and did a resync to fix that problem. Now my phone freaks out and deletes all my voice command stuff that was programmed in.

Saturday I spend some time inputting a view of the more important numbers back into voice commands. The only problem is that after about 2 voices, the phone locks up and I have to pull off the battery, and start it again. Sometimes the commands stay sometimes they don’t. Finally got that done.

Monday I try to put a few more names into voice commands, but the phone freezes complety now not allow anything new to be added. So I guess that’s totally screwed up.

This morning I try to connect to my phone from my palm with there Messaging app, and it crashes over and over requiring a reset. Same thing was happing when I tried to check my email via GPRS only different messages this time and more hard resets. I finally ended up doing a hard reset that resulted in loosing all the data and such. Now it has nothing but the stock apps. I suppose that a Hotsync will restore everything, but will it fix the other problems?

While, I’m on the subject my TiVo must not think I like anything. Since just about all new shows are off the air for the season, I was expecting a full Tivo Suggestions list last night. I last looked at my Tivo Thursday night. When I pulled up now playing last night there was 1 show I had saved and 1 new show, and 0 in the Tivo Suggestions. So a forty hour Tivo with 2 hours worth of shows and 4 days worth of stuff it could have picked from. I go through the trouble of tumbs uping and downing everything and nothing. Another disappointment.

And while I’m on rampage now, 2 Brother Network printers decided to start streaking all the paper. 2 HP Network printers decided they didn’t feel like working and 1 PC decided to revolt against the host file.

All in all I feel like technology has really let me down, all these things are supposed to work and help me get things done, but not today. When they work, they work great, but not today. I’m fairly close to getting a little black book getting on my horse and riding into the desert.

9 thoughts on “Technology Let Me Down”

  1. Such is my life, as well. It seems whenever I do something with my personal stuff, one thing after another goes wrong. I’m just glad that thus far in my jobs, I’ve had little to no major problems in that area.


  2. “… I’m fairly close to getting a little black book getting on my horse and riding into the desert……….”
    Ok, guess I missed the movie. Can you elaborate on that?


  3. Re the Tivo: check your modem cable. It could be unplugged. Check to see when it made its last ‘daily call’.

    If you hacked an ethernet card into it, etc, Tivo may have pushed a software update out or something, which might interfere with such modifications.


  4. Mark: No movie, just a thought in my mind.
    Pat: *ching* *ching*
    Kevin: nope the TP is manually drivin.
    Unxmaal: No hacks, just a stock Tivo2, perhaps a reset of settings is needed. I’ve really noticed since switching from Sat to cable, perhaps thats some of it.
    Corey: Lucky you 🙂


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