Shiner Light Shortage?

I think there is a Shiner Light shortage in Flower Mound. I’ve been to all the store and haven’t turned up a single six pack. Not that I mind regular Shiner at all, but ever since my friend PR turned me on to it, its been my beer of choice. If anybody finds all the missing beer let me know.

11 thoughts on “Shiner Light Shortage?”

  1. Here are the 2 distributors. Don’t know which services Flower Mound.
    Miller of Dallas
    2730 Irving Blvd.
    (214) 525-9400
    (214) 905-0811

    Miller of Denton
    2421 IH-35 West North, Denton TX 76207-0000
    (940) 566-6717
    (940) 566-6728


  2. I, in the great city of Houston, picked up a six pack of this emporer of beers (who needs kings?) just this very afternoon. Behold, the power of beer.


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