ION – run Linux and Windows programs side by side

“Simply put, ION is the world’s first OS to run Linux and Windows programs side by side on pre-tested hardware giving businesses a Macintosh-like experience, with Linux TCO and PC compatibility all on the same computer. On the technical side, ION is Debian GNU/Linux plus KDE combined with an integrated Windows software stack running as a separate process. Non-technically, that means you get the best of the best from Linux, with simple menus, a clean look and feel and crisp performance, along with 100% compatibilty with ALL Windows 95/98/Me executables. ”

Sounds good, I would like to see this, looks like you have to buy their hardware to get it. I know that lots of windows software already works on Linux with Wine. One program I’ve never got working was BDE (Borland Database Engine). I would love to know if this would work with BDE, Interbase and the estimating software I develop on. Not that I could get approval for the hardware since its not our vendor.

5 thoughts on “ION – run Linux and Windows programs side by side”

  1. InterBase runs natively on Linux, so it will be fine. The BDE would be much harder, though. I’ve never tried it in WINE, but it uses shared memory in Windows, so it doesn’t surprise me you’ve had trouble with it. Borland has never supported this, even with Kylix (Delphi for Linux).


  2. Mark: Interbase and Firefox(open source interbase) work fine on my Linux server and works great with V6, as long as V6 is still on a windows box. What I would like is to run V6 on linux, and I think it would actually work just fine, but since it relies on BDE thats where the hitch is.

    Craig, I’ve tried it under Wine and it just almost works. That shared memory thing gets it. But since ION says “all” windows programs, maybe they have figured something out. Also thanks for posting, I just put your blog on my list 🙂


  3. I have succesfully installed the borland interbase client v6 on my standard debian testing wine installation. IBConsole works fien when connecting to a Firebird v1 powered Linux Database server (running Debian Woody).


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