Slurm on OS X

I while ago I posted about running slurm on Linux. Slurm is a realtime network motior that uses ncurses. Today I need to check what was going on , on my powerbook remotely from ssh. The slurm site is gone, from what I could tell, so I ended up getting the tarball from a FreeBSD ports site here. It compiled and worked just fine. I think that I ‘m going to try to create it in a fink package this weekend to make it easier to get.

I took me a while to figure out that the on the mac eth1 is en1 for the interface, learned something there.

I also learned that I left TomatoTorrent running downloading the new SlackWare 10 cds and it was eating up my bandwidth like crazy, I could barely ssh in. Thats solved. I guess i need to load the ncurses version of BitTorrent back up so I can turn if off remotely.