Software that Lasts 200 Years

Dan Bricklin has a post up called Software that Lasts 200 Years. It reminds me of this one piece of software that we use here that was written in the early 80’s, its dos based and is still used daily by a few people here. The reason its still around is that it still works better than “modern” software of its type. I’ve looked several times to find a updated package that works as well, and there isn’t one. The company actually had it written for a specific task and it does it well.

2 thoughts on “Software that Lasts 200 Years”

  1. My old job was like that, we used a dos based system that used LanTastic as its networking and we had coax networking cards. WHile I was there we upgraded the systems to a WIn98 platform, the app still runs in dos mode but windows does the networking for us. The system is rock, only thing to EVER bring it down is power failure. We had it written by a local guy who wrote it in 81 and still helps us out if we have questions.


  2. I agree, there is so much junk software out there today… and people are so proud of it. Have you noticed too that user interfaces, the GUI’s, haven’t changed in years? Some of them look like they were designed in 1979. What’s up with that?

    Long live DOS!


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