A little Wine with That Fedora

One of the things I wanted to try on the new install was getting Lotus Notes going with wine. I’ve done this before, its just been a while. First up I tried the new Transgamin WineX, mainly because that’s what I had handy. The install works, but I never got past the splash screen. Next up I just got some normal wine and installed that. Bingo every things works just fine, just one note with our server setup I had to put the hostname in the Linux hosts file (/etc/hosts/) not the fake windows hosts file.

While I was at it I loaded up IBMs new linux client access client. This gives me 5250 emulation to the AS400 and that worked like a charm.

Fedora loaded up OpenOffice so with the combination of these apps, I could easily deploy some lightweight desktops around the office. This could probably save us $250-$300 on software under some circumstances.

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