Quicken 2005 – OS X

Sometime in the last couple of weeks Quicken 2005 was releaed for OS X. You may have not of read my posts of my dislike for Quicken 2004. There is no way I’ll spend another $60 bucks just to see if Quicken 2005 fixes all the broken stuff in 2004. Also there is on change in 2005 that would make it a definate no buy for me:
“In phase two, with the release of Quicken 2005 for Windows, QIF Data Import will no longer be available for checking, savings, 401(k) and all other brokerage accounts. ” More on QIF Changes

WTF? Isn’t that one of the whole points of using Quicken? It is for me, I like to export my accounts to SplashMoney on my palm. So I’m still looking for a good personal finance package for my Mac, let me know if you have any recomendations, and yes it needs qif export and import.

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