Are you there Josh?

So its been a while. Life has been busy and in all honesty I just haven’t been spending that much time with the computers outside of work. We’ve been in the process of remodeling our guest bathroom at home. Just about all of my spare time over the last week has been dedicated to completing this project. With any luck it will be done before Saturday. I’m off Friday and plan finish what ever is left then. Its been quite a challenge painting this week. Camille has been out of town so its just me and the baby. He has been really good and is asleep by 7 or 8 so I can paint the night away.

At work things have been going really well. I’m in the middle of a major project. Updating all my code from our old product catalog to the new one in our estimating software. Its always funny looking at code you wrote long ago, in this case much of it was started in 1999. My coding style has changed a lot since then, and also I’m not under the crunch that I was at the time. So in addition to updating things, I’m also taking the time to fix and change parts and hopefully have been doing some improvements. The odd thing is that I actually get big blocks of uninterrupted time to work on this project. Its amazing, I guess I’ve spent so much time making sure all the servers and PCs are running well that its paying off for me. Our estimating software, V6 Manufacturer, utilizes SaxBasic and has its own built in editor. I hate it. Its OK for some things but its lacking in so many ways. So I’ve been using jEdit to-do 99% of everything and cutting and pasting everything back in. Its been working like a charm.

I’m really enjoying jEdit, in fact I’m writing this in it now. Doing all the macro work has been great, folding rules! With a plugin it also allows me to commit all the files to CVS so I can track my changes, which is something that I’ve always missed out on. In addition to that with the WebDAV plugin each days worth of development notes gets saved directly to the Twiki I set up. So everything is easy to find in one location. I’ve also been starting a Todays Notes buffer each day that is a mixture of personal items and thoughts. Those get saved to my home WebDAV server. I’ve got that setup with a ssh tunnel. One thing that I really like about jEdit is that if you start a new Buffer while your in a current buffer, you default location is the same as that buffer. For example each morning I start a new DevLog from the old one and it knows that i want to save it on the twiki webdav, same for the todays notes, and each time I bring in a new macro to work on the working directory is the macro development directory. It saves so much time. I’m still learning about jEdit, but can’t think of using anything else at the moment.

Back to personal life, hunting season is just around the bend. I’ve got 5 days planned for the season opener of dove season and that should be a blast. It will be interesting to see how hunting season works out this year, it will have to be more balanced than before since there is a baby in the house. I’ll have to make my choices wisely and probably want try to hunt more than every other weekend, as long as that works with Camille’s schedule. My BIL is heading south this weekend to look at a new deer lease. The land owners where we have been hunting the last few years in west Texas have decided not to release this year. The new place he is checking out sounds very promising and is close to our old one.

Thats it back to work.

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