LocalNames is about having short names for things. For example if you type sd it would make that http://slashdot.org. This is very similar to things like abbreviations in jEdit, except thats it meant to be used with everything from wikis, blogs, email, what ever. The server speaks XML-RPC so anything could talk to it. I would be cool to see a JEdit plugin use it, although i know 0 about programing in java. But I bet I could write some perl, that could utilize the list and add it to my JEdit abbreviations list since thats where I spend most of my time these days. Looking at some of the documentation there seems to be someone working on a wordpress plugin for it. Cool stuff.

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  1. Yup, in your ~/.jedit dir should be a file named ‘abbrevs’ which you can edit as needed (or use the jEdit interface to add to it.)

    For the line right under [html] I have the following:

    FUDacr|<acronym title=”Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt”>FUD</acronym>

    So when I type FUDacr, and hit the space bar, it fills in with the appropriate HTML acronym tag…


  2. Thank you for blogging about Local Names!

    The WordPress plugin is already complete; MooKitty just wants to add some more features before she releases it.

    Another thing about Local Names is that it’s networked, so that people can delegate names lists. So, if you name all your posts, and someone hooks into your list, they can get to a post of yours by name. From the address bar, from within the blog, inside an e-mail; From anything that understands LocalNames.


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