More on How to Loose My Business before you even have it

I was reading an article in an industry magazine this morning and it mentioned XYZ project management software. I made a note of it and when I had a few minutes to burn I jump to there site. No screen shots anywhere, which is always important to me if there isn’t a demo. So I find a link that that allows you to sign up, so you can see a “slideshow”. So I go through the process filling out all kinds of information and get the response that my access would be confirmed through an email. So a few hours later I get an email with a whole addional list of questions before I can even vew the “slideshow”. Damn it, now I don’t even care what should have taken a few minutes has turned in to a project, if they are using there own software and this is how it works no thanks. Someday companies will learn.

10 thoughts on “More on How to Loose My Business before you even have it”

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