Dove Hunting Season Opener

I’m back finally. Last week I took several days off to enjoy the Texas dove season opener. It has become a tradition among my hunting buddies that we hunt in West, TX (the town, not the region). This year not as people made it, partially because opening day was a Wednesday.

The birds were flying good and we limited out everyday except Saturday. The weather and wind patterns were very interesting. South winds would bring the White Wings low from the south and at the same time Mouring Doves from the North. Of course that wasn’t a hard rule as there were a few birds traveling the reverse and a few from East to West in the mornings and West to East in the evenings. Several of the big grain fields in the area had not been cut yet or were in the process of being cut and that disrupted the patterns for some hunters. For us it was the best year we have ever had up until Saturday, when I suspect most birds were on the newly cut fields. The bulk of our bags were White Wings which is also a change. Just 4 or 5 years ago we would be lucky to bag just a few of them. I was lucky enough to shoot doubles every day except Saturday.

Overall It was a great trip, with some side trips I’ll mention later, for everyone. The weather was excellent, the company was good, and the beer was cold. I have a few photos to upload in the next few days.