Linving in jEdit

Its been at least a week since I’ve bragged about JEdit so here are a few of the cool things that I’ve been using lately.

The IRC plugin, while not a full blown client and handling only 1 channel at a time its still nice to have it, I’ve got it docked on the right.

The headlines plugin, I downloaded this to have a few news feeds loaded. I then discovered that you can also blog with it and edit, ect. with the blogger or metaweblog api.

The Project Viewer, keeps all project files together in one place, very nice.

The SQL plugin, lets me execute sql directly to my servers local and remote. Since I spend most of my day dealing with databases this is very handy.

The template plugin, this also gets a lot of use from me.

Spellcheck plugin, you know how bad i need that 🙂

FTP, CVS, and WebDAV plugins all used daily.

QuickNotepad plugin, very handy for taking notes while i’m working on something else.

I’m sure there are others that I’ll discover that I need. I’m really living in JEdit alot these days.

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  1. I’ve also tried this out. I like it for my linux x-sessions but I’m still locked on UltraEdit for win32. Its ability to do sftp and connections over ssh. Its macro language is also pretty good…


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