Work & Home Update

Seems like I’ve only been talking about work on Fridays, I guess thats a good thing 🙂

This week my main focus has been on creating new reports for our estimating software. It uses QuickReports. The built in editor in the software is very limited. But luckily they are just text so with the quickreport viewer program I can open them up and copy all the text to JEditto do the real work. Then copy back to the qrviewer, save and use them in the program. Its actually pretty fast once you get going. Of course once I get a section done I check it into CVS after I’ve tested it, good thing because thats already saved my butt a few times this week. Quick Reports are fairly easy to work with, of course I’ve been working with them a long time so I could be wrong. I expect to finish up the current one sometime next week to submit for user review. I think its around 15,000 lines so far, fairly complex but will really help out with there work flow. I have about 3 more to-do after this one.

I’ve also been working more on automating lots of processing working on the servers. For a while now I’ve been keeping a /etc/LOG on each of the servers. Last week I setup CVS repositories for each one. That was just part of my plan this week I installed and setup CVSMonitor which will create RSS feeds for each of the repositories. Next I installed Headlines Plugin on my work Twiki, which I also updated to the latest version. This gives me a good start to a all in one place view for things going on. This of course is an on going project.

While I’m on the subject of CVS, if you recall I’ve mentioned that I had setup my .screenrc file in CVS so I could keep all my servers the same. This week I also added my .vimrc file to the mix and my /scripts directory. Its really nice having everything in sync and not having to worry about if they work differently. Also I setup all the files from the SignServer in it as well.

Speaking of the SignServer, when I ran the urpmi on it, it updated the PHP. Thats when I discovered some of the new changes :). So I ended up having to recode a few things to get it working again.

And finally to help out with some automation on the /etc/LOG i added some hotkeys to my .vimrc file to automatically call the scripts I wrote to commit the changes to CVS.

Its all been very helpful and my work flow on those fronts is even more streamlined, and thats the way it should be.

Oh I also installed Subversion on one of the servers to see what it was all about. Seems OK, but I don’t really see any need to switch from CVS at the moment.

I tweaked my backup routines for home this week also. Before I would run one of the OSX backup tools and backup my homedir to a firewire drive, when I thought about it. This week I wrote some rsync scripts and croned them so its automatic now, should have done that long ago.

I also wrote some scripts on the webserver to back up all the sites that are here, several of them. Also some to backup all the mySQL databases. And of course I followed up with some rysnc scripts to bring them down every night. I’m feeling good about my data at the moment. I just need to focus on some of site backups now.

I’ve been playing with the NetNewsWire beta a lot also. I love the old feeds window and have been cleaning up a lot there. I had around 450 feeds in it and have been going through them every night trimming out the ones that I’m no longer interested in. I’ve still got a ways to go, but I’m attempting to overcome this information overload that I’ve got myself into.

One other thing thats really turned on this past week is podcasting and ipodder. I’m sure you’ve all heard about it by now. I’ve been listening to talk shows and radio shows on my iPod for a very long time now. I’m just glad to see it all automated with iPodderX. The new content is a great change of pace also.