Lotus Notes To-Do List in jEdit

I’ve often wished that I could see my to-do list from jEdit with out having to switch to Lotus Notes, or even better, not even having to have Lotus Notes running. Well today it hit me. Using the Project plugin and the sql plugin for jEdit I could do it. I already have NotesSQL installed, thats the ODBC connector to Lotus Notes. I simple created a new project and linked it to that odbc dsn and bingo I was in business. One quirky thing that I had to figure out was connecting to some of the tables. Lotus Notes has lots of weird table names, the to-do list is __ToDo_. Simple putting that into an SQL statement didn’t work. You have to put it like this “__ToDo_” and that was that. Now I can have my whole to-do list, or a subsection, like in the screen shot, displayed in a dock in jEdit. This really makes my day, perhaps tomorrow I’ll add my email in there as well 🙂

Lotus Notes To-Do List in jEdit

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  1. I’ve always loved apps that can do several things, as long as they do them well, just as much as I love apps that can do 1 thing well (like grep). I spend a lot of time in jEdit coding, taking notes, etc. and it so easy. That was one of the things I really like about Eclipse also, jEdit just seem “lighter” for the way I’m working these days.


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