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Here at work we are finally starting to get some more XP machines. I’ve got several that are going out to some of the branch offices. I’ve never really had to deal with XP much, but sending stuff out to branch offices is usally when things go wrong. So the first thing I did was some research on Remote Desktop, I found client for Win2K here and I’m setting them up to accept connections from the administrator. Since this is my first time using this, I’m a long time hand of VNC, I’m impressed. I hope this eases my admin tasks.

Also I’ve ordered up a copy of Win 2003 Small Business Server to upgrade our NT 4 Cad server and 2 copies of XP Pro to upgrade 2 NT 4 workstations. I’ve never done either of these migrations before, so if you have and you have any tips. Now would be a good time to comment or drop me an email.

4 thoughts on “Remote Desktop Connection”

  1. Now would be an excellent time to do a hardware inventory on each machine. You need to know complete specs because you’ll be downloading a bucket full of drivers for older boxes. XP Pro is “wicked solid”, but it needs XP drivers.


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  3. I hear GNOME 2.8 comes with VNC built in. You have to install the dependencies, but I think all the distributions are going to do that work for us. Super-cool.

    I’ve installed and used it before, it’s great.

    The doors are opening.


  4. WTF were some of those comments??? Backup and make sure you get any critical data off of the boxes to be upgraded. IMHO I’d flush and install clean. Less baggage and headaches later. Also if you’re gonna start to use XP more then setting up RIS on a server and making a template will serve you well later on… Not to mention making upgrades MUCH easier…


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