Here – For a Little While Anyway

Well I’ve been under the weather once again. Friday afternoon I came down with something. Sore throat, tired, hurt to swallow or talk. I’m just about over that, mostly. I’m still at the stage where everything smells and tastes “sick”. But other than that I’m feeling better.

Thats a good thing because its about time I got some hunting done. Staying in bed every weekend has really cut down on my hunting. This weekend I’m heading out to the deer lease for a few days then making a trek north to Oklahoma to meet up with my buddies for our yearly pheasant hunt. Lets just hope that I can stay well long enough.

I guess I really need to start taking some vitamins or supplements or something to keep me more healthy. Any suggestions?

4 thoughts on “Here – For a Little While Anyway”

  1. Um….You can have some of my prenatal vitamins…..They seem to have worked for me, since you AND Kev both got hit with the nasty cold, and I haven’t even had a sniffle…….


  2. You might want to try out some of the homeopathic treatments that are out there. If you are already feeling crappy, try zinc – you can get it in lozanges like Hall’s Daily Defense or in any of the Zicam products (spray, melt away tablets, swabs and nose spray).

    We are both using Airborne effervescent tablets any time we go out in a crowd or feel some cold symptoms coming on. You find them in the cold aisle – there is a picture of a plane cabin with big germs on the box. They were invented by a teacher who got tired of getting sick from her students. It is packed with vitamins, minerals and some healing herbs.

    Finally, we are also taking this treatment called Dolivaxil which is something the French have been using for years to ward off the flu. Since we weren’t able to get the shots or the mist this year we are trying it. You put these little round things under your tongue once a week for a couple of weeks wait three weeks and then you have a final dose. There is a version occ- something that is for people who are already sick.

    Of course anything that contains vitamin C will be good for you. Mike has a big container of antibacterial hand sanitizer by his desk. It is a good idea whenever you are touching mice and keyboards that might belong to someone with a cold.


  3. Thanks for all the suggestions PreNatal and whiskey do sound like a good combo, but I think I’m gonna pick up some of the things Angela mentioned. Also I need to get some of that antibacterial hand sanitizer, because i’m sure that how I got sick in the first place.


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