Back In Town, Until Tomorrow

Well I’m back in town, actually I got home Wednesday night. I’ll be heading out again tonight or around 2AM in the morning, coming back Sunday night.

The 2nd Annual Oklahoma Panhandle Pheasant Hunt was a huge success. There were only 3 of us this year and only 2 on some days. I had a blast, saw more pheasants than last year and ended up with 5 birds after 2.5 days of hunting. The limit is 2 a day so I think I did very good. I really had a blast the weather was nice from 18 to 45 degrees each day.

I’m heading out this weekend to deer hunting. I haven’t gotten to get back out
since opening weekend. So I’ll be looking to get some meat this trip. I wanted
try to take a nice buck and then meat hunt, but this year, time being limited it will be different.

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