Microsoft Anti-Spyware Beta Download

Looks like Microsofts Anti Spyware Beta is ready for download. Oddly enough clicking the download option right now doesn’t work, says the page is not there. But just between you and me, here is a direct link to it. Its about 6.4MB. Since I don’t use IE I don’t expect I need it. But from the IT standpoint I’ve got a couple of users that I’m going to install it on to see if it can help out with there weekly problems 🙂

Update: I installed it on my laptop and the only thing it picked up was pcap, which I installed, but good catch. I also installed it on the user i mentioned and it didn’t pick up a thing. I then ran spybot and it picked up 2 things. So its still learning I suspect that the more people use it the better the definitions get (I hope).

4 thoughts on “Microsoft Anti-Spyware Beta Download”

  1. Woo hoo! Josh moved to Word Press too!!! I’m a bit upset that your’s looks waaaay better than mine though! Gotta update the smiles with some jazzier ones though! Happy New Year to you and C!


  2. Kewl! I’ll D/L and have a look… I’m still trying to learn how to actually use CSS effectively and it’s a bear… I know what you mean about IE problems… Even today with the stock WP templates, when you comment on mine it blows the Comment box out through the right hand side border once you begin to type and if you re-size the browser then it snaps back into place… Don’t ya love ‘standards’?


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