Fedore Core 3 In a Production Environment?

I’ve got several RedHat 8 servers here at work. As time has passed, updating to newer versions of software, like Samba, has become more difficult. So I’m thinking about upgrading. Does anybody know if Fedora Core is ready for a Production Environment? I think it is, I’ve ran a few searches, and think it is. Do any of you linux guys have an opinion? Core 3 or Redhat 9 seem to be my paths of upgrades. Thanks for your input.

5 thoughts on “Fedore Core 3 In a Production Environment?”

  1. I’ve been running FC3 in production for several months, and it’s alright. Running ‘yum update’ still patches an awful lot of things, much more than my SUSE 9.2 servers.

    Sadly, I think I may have to back down from running FC3. It seems that Veritas Backup Exec’s Linux client breaks with the 2.6 kernel, which is a shame because this machine is designed for disk-based-backups and has a SATA controller not supported by 2.4 😦

    The only nasties I ran into with FC3 was a completely broken SELinux setup out of the box. Once solved, it run smooth.


  2. Thanks for the information Thomas. I also would have the Backup Exec client on there, so I guess FC3 is a bad idea at the moment.


  3. What exactly is production ready? Every SAP system i’ve used crashed a couple times, EMC storage arrays loose data, and Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Server crashed…

    Develop a good backup-restore / fail-over plan and most things are production-ready.


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