Work Update

I suppose that one of the reasons I haven’t been posting as much lately is because I’ve been really busy at work.

We migrated our Domino server from 5.x to 6.5, I wasn’t directly involved with that migration. But I have been updating and solving problems with about 70 or so clients. I’ve been using 6.5.3 for a while now so I knew most of the answers off the top of my head. Most problems are resolved but I have a few open calls left to take care of.

I’ve also been busy setting up and shipping out several new PC’s and fixing broken ones.

From the Development side, I’ve been working in as much database development as I could around everything else. I’ve got a lot done and I’m currently working on a new install for the internal users. This install will be the most complicated one I’ve done to date. I’ve learned how to read/write the registry in NSIS. I’ve got a few more minor things to work out before I’m done.

I’m in the process of upgrading the backup server. I’ve added a new tape drive, have a new hard drive to install and BackupExec 9.1 to install.

I took some time to work on my call tracking and bug tracking database in Notes. Nothing major just adding a few little features that I wanted. Now all that is much more streamlined. Overall I’ve been busy and by the time I get home, done mess around on the computer much.

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