FreeBSD 4.11

So its been almost 5 years since I’ve installed any type of BSD. Back then it was openBSD on a pentium 100. That was strictly as a server. Thats been a while, so I decided to download and intstall freeBSD 4.11. I was surprised that I still new how to install it. I was even more surprised to see that the installer had not changed much. My intentions were to set it up as a desktop machine, but just like 5 years ago, I couldn’t get X working. With all the nice installers for Linux, I was really disappointed. Its still a great server, but still disappointing on the desktop. Of course I didn’t get all hardcore and really work at getting X going. When I didn’t work with all my settings, I just didn’t worry about it. After all I just wanted to give it a test run. So maybe in another 5 years, i’ll try again.

2 thoughts on “FreeBSD 4.11”

  1. Hey… Try 5.3! The installer is really nice. X works. You just have to configure the wm, but it’s explained very good in the Freebsd handbook!


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