Devon Updates


“DEVONagent 1.5 understands RSS/RDF/RSD/Atom newsfeeds, and more than fifty plug-ins query almost every major search engine. Scheduled search runs collect new information and create personalized newsletters, and the integrated web browser with optional full-screen view has been tailored especially for the needs of Internet researchers. An “Objects” drawer gives direct access to selected page elements like all links to RSS feeds, e-mail links, images or linked multimedia files and a “see also” button similar to the well-known function of DEVONthink lets you find related pages. DEVONagent 1.5 is perfectly integrated with DEVONthink 1.9.2 and let’s you export web pages as whole as an unpaginated PDF.”


“DEVONthink 1.9.2 is a maintenance release that adds a new option to open groups within the current window, support for DEVONagent 1.5 and a few more QuickTime, XML and plain text file formats. Also, it brings many internal enhancements and kills a few bugs.”

Good news for us users!

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