Enterprise Cancelled

Well, many of us fans have been afraid this would happen. Its disappointing since this last season (4) has been the best yet.

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  1. I’m also a bit disappointed in hearing this news. Enterprise is the first Star Trek show I started watching again since “Next Generation.” I guess I still have Stargate Atlantis to hold me over.


  2. Chris, I’m with you, the best one in a while. Atlantis is really good and even SG1 is good this season. Battlestar Galactica is getting good. There so much good stuff on I guess that extra hour will be nice.

    Kevin, I know your the biggest scifi guy around, so you must be right ;P


  3. I believe that makes it the shortest Star Trek run yet does it not? I still the STTNG was their best show ever. Another two series I wanted to see last longer were Farscape and Space: Above and Beyond. The latter was awesome!


  4. Berman did his sorry best to kill every Star Trek since he took the helm, mostly due to his inexplicable fear of the very fan-base and the years of realization that make the Star Trek universe great. Maybe the next person to take the helm will actually be a Trek fan who hires Trek fans.


  5. She really does have terrible silicon implants. I forgot to mention that I think the leading cause of Enterprise’ decline had to be that awful “eighties-cheese-rock” theme-song. I mean really, the rest of the treks had good themes, and Battlestar’s gives me the chills!


  6. I have been a watcher of Star trek for most of my life. One of the earliest movies I remember going to see with my Dad was Star Trek 2 when it came out in theatres. I was hooked from that point on. I followed TNG through its 7 years, and watched DS9 on and off, catching it more in reruns then in production (still my favorite of the series to date). After Roddenberry died there was a marked decline in quality for most of Star Trek. DS9 did well, mostly because of heavy Roddenberry influnce, but even its last season with the Dominion war storyline finished was mediocre at best.

    Voyager offically brough us into the age of Rick Berman’s style of Star Trek, and those of us that had watched for years were sad to see Gene’s vision of the future continued so poorly. Voyager (like Enterprise which followed) had some very well written and produced episodes, as a whole was full of plot holes, storyline inconsistancies, and write ourselves out of a corner mentality.

    When the rumor of Enterprise was going around I was leery of the whole thing. Berman and his staff showed throughout Voyager that they were unwilling to work on plot continuity and throw well established things out the window. Enterprise was the ultimate proof of this. While some of the tech was dumbed down for the show, many things were still far more futuristic then the original. Phase Cannons, a ship that looked more like the “modern” Akira class then a forerunner of Kirk’s Enterprise, and viewscreens all were tech that were not supposted to exist at that time. Does this make a big difference in the long run? Of course not but it is an inattention to detail like this that shows us why, even with a much greater quality of show this season, Enterprise was doomed to failure. Its also why rehashing Star Trek 2 into Star Trek Nemisis caused that movie to gross less then any other Star Trek Film.

    I look forward to the day Berman steps down, and hope that Trek will be reborn shortly there after.


  7. I agree with Haven about the newer-looking older Enterprise, but you could not have it look anymore primative than the original in this day of moden special effects. No way around that.

    I disagre with Ethan about the fake boobs. They were marvelous!! Now, since it looks as if they were removed, the show has been canceleed. No big screem action for this crew.


  8. Haven, like you I have been a big fan of the franchise for decades. I don’t agree with your comment about Berman, though. IMHO you’re suffering from a well known trekker syndrome: giving Roddenberry credit for work he didn’t do. The Great Bird died in october 1991, after being very, very ill for a long time. He wasn’t involved in TNG after the second season (the worst two seasons, I might add). Gene Roddenberry didn’t have anything to do with Deep Space Nine. To quote co-creator Rick Berman in the DS9 companion: “I really never had the opportunity to discuss any ideas with Gene. This was very close to the end of Gene’s life and he was quite ill at the time. But he knew that we were working on something, and I definitely had his blessing to develop it.”
    Berman created DS9 together with Michael Piller and Ira Behr (and a team of great writers) gave it a heart. And no, there is no way you can give DS9 the label ‘Roddenberry influence’. The series was darker, had more flawed characters, internal conflicts and was much funnier than ‘the great bird’ would have liked in his lifetime.
    Roddenberry was great in creating his own myth. The TNG Bible wasn’t written by him, but by David Gerrold (with a lot of input by oldtimers like Dorothy Fontana and Robert Justman), still Roddenberry was the one getting all the credits (and money I might add).
    After the first movie disaster he was never more than a consultant, Harve Bennett saved the day starting to produce with the brilliant Wrath of Khan. And to give one more example: Gene Coon, not Roddenberry created the the Klingons.
    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to put the great bird down, but I do want to see things in the perspective. And there is no truth in the ‘Roddenberry is great and with Berman all went downhill’ scenario. Roddenberry created the great Original Series and I am grateful for that. But after the three years run, Roddenberry did one ST movie and was involved in two seasons of TNG, that’s it.
    That doesn’t mean that I am a Berman fan. Enterprise (thank god they dropped the Star Trek label) just didn’t deliver. Maybe the production staff was a bit overconfident, because of the fact that every Star Trek series after TNG did well in the long run. Berman wrote that he ‘doesn’t understand’ why Enterprise didn’t work. Just like he didn’t understand why ‘a great movie like Nemesis’ didn’t have any succes. Great movie, Nemesis? Not the words I had in mind when I left the movie theatre after wasting two hours of my precious life to that crap story…
    Maybe, Berman – and Braga – lost their touch. No, I am not one of those ‘shoot B&B’ types. They gave us some great shows and Berman was one of the guys responsible for saving Trek in difficult times, but time’s up. Even the great bird didn’t fly forever…


  9. I think that the true answer is Battlestar, Stargate, Atlantis, and a handful of other series that most of us liked a lot better than Enterprise.

    Spock and Vulcans were cool in their time. But, Enterprise had nothing new. The crew was boring – already done that. The crew of the Enterprise never gelled, never clicked.

    Next Generation had Worf the Klingon and Data the android on the crew. They were new and cool at the time. Babylon 5 had Vorlons and Shadows and First Ones. Deep Space Nine had the Dominion Shape Shifters and the Jem Haddar. Even Voyager had the Borg and the Holographic Doctor. Something new and exciting.

    Battlestar has a new advanced breed of Cylons. Stargate had Goauld, Azgard, Ancients, Replicators – every week there is a new species of something on Stargate. It’s the new species, new allies, new technology, new alliances, and new abilities that makes the thing interesting. Atlantis has Ancients and Wraiths and some interesting new human allies.

    In comparison to all the new and the exciting to be found elsewhere, Enterprise was moving backwards. It’s also kind of annoying knowing how it’s all supposed to turn out. I mean, it’s not like the Klingons or the Romulans are going to win in Enterprise and take it all over. Even the earth shattering Xindi weren’t all that scary because you knew that they couldn’t win no matter what they did.

    Due to its prequel statis and the obligation to stick with humans and Vulcans on the crew of the ship, Enterprise was handicapped from the start.


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