Weekend Wrap Up

Sure its the middle of the week, but I don’t care. The weekend kicked off without much of a bang. Friday night was spend at home unwinding and reading.

Saturday things picked up some. We had a nice morning temps were up and the sun was out so I spent the morning outside doing yard work. Saturday night, we do what we always do, entertain! Kevin, Merrin, Pat,K&K all came over. We cooked up some ribeyes, grilled some baby vegetables, and a new recipe Asiago, Potato, and Bacon Gratin. This turned out really good. The new potato recipe was kind like potato’s and gravy, we all loved it.

Sunday was another day of cooking I cooked up some ribs, or charred up some ribs,
I need to figure out why I get flash fires some times. Even though the heat was
really low, I got a flare up, maybe I have a grease problem. Anyway I also cooked up some chili, I’m gonna call it Mild Enough For Camille Chili, because she actually enjoyed it. I’ll get the recipe posted as soon as I write it up.

Sunday evening Kevin and Merrin came over with more food 😉 and we all watched the SuperBowl and Commercials together.

Another great weekend.

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