Funny Little Tech Support Call

Yesterday I was talking to one of my users about a problem they were having with our software. After a couple of minutes I realized it was a problem that I had already created a patch for. Actually they were about 2 versions behind current (they didn’t to ignore the update emails). Any way I tell them that I’m going to email a patch and instructions, its a setup.exe just right click and run. They tell me, “I don’t Know how to do that”. Do what I ask. “Run a Program”. You don’t know how to run a program? “No I’ve never done that before”. Do you start Lotus Notes every day? “Yes”, then you know how to run a program. Sometimes I wonder how people make it through a day 🙂

One thought on “Funny Little Tech Support Call”

  1. Dude, I hear you. folks that don’t know the difference between a CPU and CRT should NOT be ……………….. Uhhh, never mind. This could go on forever!!
    I’ll give mouse instructions for $50 an hour ……… LMAO!!


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