Weekend Update

We had awesome weather here in Texas over the weekend. Saturday it got up to around 85. So it was perfect for yard work. I got up and out early (for a Saturday) 6am. I totally re did the front flower bed. This included pulling up several bushes, with my truck :), adding new soil and tilling it all up. Trimming the trees and the rest of the bushes and cleaning it all up and taking it to the dump. The the family went down to the local landscape place and bought a load of flowers to plant. It was an all day job and it really turned out nice. It felt good to do some manual work. Sunday was more of the same until the afternoon. Camille headed off for a few days on work so its just us guys for most of the week.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Update”

  1. Man, that’s the truth. I’m still sore from all the manual labor this past weekend. But, that always happens the first nice weekend before spring. Lack of exercise all winter takes it toll on me. 😉


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