A Couple of Good Support Calls

I got both of these yesterday:

1) Them: Can you look at the computer in the testing lab and see if you can speed it up?
Me:Ok, what do you want to do with it?
Them: We want to run autocad on it.
Me: Ok, let me pull up the record: Pentium 75,16mb ram,Win95, ah I think your out of luck.
Me: I think you need to request a replacement.
Them: Hmm.. well I don’t really want to do that, are you sure there is nothing you can do….
Thoughts: I had forgotten about this old box, but I hope they change there mind.

2) Them: I’ve got a computer problem, can you help me.
Me: Sure, whats the problem.
Them: Well actually, its not my computer here.
Me: Ok, if its basic I can try to help a little.
Them: Actually its not my computer, its my wifes.
Me: Ok, whats the problem.
Them: Acutally its my wifes computer at her office.
Me: Maybe she should call her IT guy

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