Getting My Geek Back

It seems like the over the past few months, I’ve lost my inner geek. Everything I’ve done as been work related. Some of these projects have been interesting and fulfilling in a sense, but no real personal satisfaction. Well the other day my wife knocked me upside the head, and made me realize that I’ve been letting my inner geek slip away. I have really stayed on top of new and interesting things other than pointing at them here and there. But for the last week, I’ve been getting my geek back. I’ve been spending more time on some personal coding projects that have been in my head for sometime now. This is much better than just randomly reading from my aggregater. I’ve been staying up later, dusting of the PHP and Perl books and really been enjoying myself, on non work related stuff. It feels good to be getting back into a hobby aspect of computing instead of a corporate IT driven one. From what I can tell, most of use go through this sort of thing every so often, and its good when the funk is lifted.

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