EVDB – Beta

The beta testing for EVDB is open. I’ve played with adding some events to a calendar. I should note that its very early beta. I didn’t see a setting to add you time zone. I also think that having to go through 3 screens to add an event is alot. Hopefully they will have an option to have everything on one screen. You have the abilty to publish as iCal and RSS. I hope to test the iCal with iCal on my mac to see if they sync. That would be cool.

5 thoughts on “EVDB – Beta”

  1. yep, a missing close quote for the HREF link to http://www.evdb.com is causing the posting to be unreadable (but it is readable in source).

    As for the 3-screens-to-post-an-event. I hear ya. We know it’s lame. I figured, let’s start with total lamitude; it can only get better from there. A single page form is planned.


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  3. I really hope they create a RESTful API, which would hopefully make it trivial to move/share data between say, Upcoming.org and EVDB. Now that would be cool…


  4. Brian its good to see you checking out the comments of bloggers, in my opinion that makes for a great company!


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