Never Used a Mouse

I just realized something today. I’ve been on my powerbook for a little over 2 years now, and I’ve never used a mouse with it, never even thought about it. I wonder if it would makes things different for me. At work I primary use a laptop, with now mouse, haven’t used a mouse on it in 3 years. Before that I used a laptop at my old job, but i often used a mouse. I guess I’m a touchpad guy.

One thought on “Never Used a Mouse”

  1. It’s worth considering an iCurve

    I threw that together with an Apple Keyboard and Mouse and I swear it has done wonders for my posture. People spend so much time in front of their laptops – you shoulden’t have to sacrifice health as well. It really does make a huge difference. My only regret is the lack of two buttons on the mouse. It makes spellcheck in word hell.


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