RescueCD 0.9.12r2 – partimage to partimage server problem

I posted this to the RescueCD list several days ago, with no response. I wonder if this is a project thats almost gone.

I just started using the 0.9.12r2 version of the cd. I ran partimage and wasn’t able to connect correctly with my partimage-server. So I upgraded my server to partimage-server-0.6.4-1. It still doesn’t work. Its possible that this isn’t the exact version on the cd but the -v option only shows 0.6.4. Does anybody know the exact version on the cd, or have any idea what might be wrong?

2 thoughts on “RescueCD 0.9.12r2 – partimage to partimage server problem”

  1. I run partimage on my Ubuntu boxen and have had trouble connecting sometimes. So I stop the process and restart it and it works, did a apt-get distro upgrade last week and still have the issue. So I’m thinking somehting in app it’s self may be broken. Haven’t update my partimage bins yet but I might on the next stable. Don’t want to break it anymore, but stoping and starting is a pain.


  2. I guess its good to know that I’m not the only one with a problem. Luckily it works just fine to a mounted samba drive across the network.


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