I went to the apple store last night and stood in line for a while, but I now have Tiger up and running. I did have a few issues getting mail and iCal going. I forgot to unload some 3rd party plugins before I did the upgrade. So spotlight got its first use tracking down the error logs and the plugins. Lots of fun, lots more to discover.

4 thoughts on “Tiger”

  1. I did the Tiger install last night and it went smoothly. I went to bed earlier than Mike and when I woke up this morning I found that he’d created his own logon so I assume he’s going to be playing around and doing some discovery of his own.


  2. How is spotlight treating you? Is it really the first useable Metadata search tool for the masses?

    ; – )



  3. Kevin – Yes, mostly I guess not all 3rd party stuff was tiger ready.
    Angela – Cool, no telling what what mike will find!
    Cybermonkey – Spotlight kicks ass. it takes it a couple of passes to get everything, like exif photo data. Now if a few other third party apps that I use will support spotlight, i’m sure they will soon, it will be even more awesome.


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