Lotus Notes and GTD

I use Lotus Notes and I do GTD. Currently I’ve been using the standard apps in notes: Email, Calender and To-Do. These have served me well so far. One of the biggest problems has been dealing with Projects and the multiple NA’s that are often required. I normally just put in the Project name as a today, then start a new project in Bonsai (an outliner) to keep up with all the subtasks. That works, but it does require 2 separate no integrated applications running to keep up with it all.

So I started thinking about how to best manage this with Lotus Notes only. Like all good ideas I googled first for previous work. I came up with 2 projects.
1) Brett’s Work-Smart
2) OpenNTF Productivity Extensions for Notes from OpenNTF.org

The work-smart option uses a new separate database from your mail file (where mail, calendar and to-do lives). Its pretty simple to use and I like the way NA’s can be all listed out and once you complete one the next one gets added to you list. Tasks (Projects) by category is also a nice view. The Today view, keeps you focused on what you need to-do today and keeps everything else out of the way.

The OpenNTF Productivity Extensions for Notes takes a more mail based approach. Its very nice and has lots of nice features. I set it up as a test, but to take full advantage, you would actually need to replace your mail database template, and I’m not ready to take that plunge with my corporate mail.

So I’m going to test Brett’s for the next few weeks and see how I like using it.

One thought on “Lotus Notes and GTD”

  1. I admit up front that I’m not a big fan of Lotus Notes — it is the “corporate standard” where I work, so I live with it. That said, I use Bonsai for GTD implementation (particularly the desktop version) — it links well with my Palm. I use Lotus Notes strictly for “work” email — and since there is not much cross pollination between email activity and GTD organization / tracking, it works fine. That said, there is an advantage to having everything (email, addresses, GTD) in one spot … I just have a difficult time imagining that spot being Lotus Notes.
    Good Luck, though!


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